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Caballitos para Tequila

Caballitos para Tequila, los mejores precios de mayoreo, gran variedad, y excelente calidad.

Caballitos para Tequila: Los mejores precios de mayoreo y una gran variedad de diseños de Caballitos para Tequila hechos de vidrio Soplado.

How Mexican Blown Glassware is Made

Usually made from reclaimed, recycled bottles and scrapped glass, each piece of Mexican blown glassware is unique.
Once the reclaimed glass is melted down, artisans then attach a blob of molten glass to the end of a long, hollow pipe.
The artisan then uses his mouth and the power of his lungs to puff into the pipe, and blow the molten glass into the desired shape of a margarita glass, a pitcher, or perhaps a vase.